Sawmilling at our Site

Sawing Logs
  • We will saw your log (s) on shares depending upon the potential of the log to give what you are looking for. We require a minimum fee of ($ 5.00) per engine hr for fuel only.
  • We will saw delivered logs to our mill to your specifications according to the potential of the log. ( We can’t cut 1 x 10s out of a 15″ log)
  • Our current rate is $ 60.00 per engine hr. When cutting logs and you are capable of helping we can usually cut 200 bd ft per hour. If I cut by myself the volume is about 100 bd ft per hr in reasonably straight medium sized logs. ( 16″ – 24″ x 8′ long avg)

Projects which require us to cut down the tree, process the logs and or firewood, transport the logs, process the logs, and then return with your wood will be quoted upon agreement of all the required parameters.

Sawmill services