Planing & Straight Edging

Our normal practice in the preparation of our lumber for presentation is to plane both sides and make one edge straight (s3s). This is accomplished by planing the wood to 7/8ths thickness or 3/4ths thickness depending upon the amount removed from the cut thickness of 1 1/16ths normal sawing finish. We also will prep the wood to any thickness you need for your projects for the current shop fee per hour. Our plane is a 12 inch commercial plane using a helix insert rotary head. This gives a very smooth finish. We do our best to leave 10 thousandths extra so you have the possibility of sanding it to exact thickness.

We straight edge with a 12 inch table saw using different templates to accommodate board thickness, length, and thickness. We usually achieve glue up straightness but it is wise to always check straightness before wood utilization. We can also square up the lumber you desire provided we have sufficient stock for your project. When you come to visit please bring your project plans for the best purchase.