These standard bookcases can also be constructed to fit your special requirements. All of our bookcases are made of MDF (medium density fiberboard) and trimmed in SYP (Southern Yellow Pine). They can be stained to match a selected bed color for that ensemble look. Custom built bookcases wider than 34″ require a vertical support stabilizer in the middle of each shelf except the top one. POR (price on request) quoted for all custom bookcases.

This specialty bookcase is dimensioned to fit behind a dresser next to the lower bunk of an L -shaped bed. Its height is variable depending on whether the bed is standard height or is extra tall. It may also be given the height of the dresser or student desk placed under the top bunk. This gives a larger flat surface for better space utilization.

This bookcase may be custom designed using these options:

  • Variable height
  • Variable shelf spacing
  • Stained to match

Standard Four Shelf Bookcase

Standard 4 Shelf Bookcase

L-Shaped Bed Bookcase

L-Shaped Bed Bookcase Options:

  • Stained