L-Shaped Bunk Beds

The L-shaped bed is composed of two separate beds and accessories. The elevated bed may be a twin, double, or queen loft bed. The lower bed may be a twin, double, queen, or king bed. Any of the elevated beds may be stretched longer and raised extra tall. The lower beds are on rollers for ease of bed linen makeup. With over 100 possible combinations, the right bed for you is easily available. Your exact bed may be created using the following options:

  • Extra Tall – increases the height of the bed for optimum space utilization.
  • Queen (King) Stretch – increases bed length 6 inches or (12 inches) for longer mattresses, bookcase headboard installation, or clearance for larger beds.
  • Storage Drawers – a twin, double, queen, or king drawer may be fitted underneath the lower bed. On the double, queen, and king lower beds you may order two smaller drawers for pull-out on both sides of the bed.
  • Unique Bookcase – a 3 or 4 shelf special sized bookcase is available to fit along with the lower bed on the twin/twin L-shaped bed applications.

Twin-King L-Shaped Bunk Bed

Twin/King L-Shaped Bunk Bed Options:

  • King Stretch Twin Loft Bed
  • L-S King Storage Drawers
  • Stained

Viking Twin-Twin L-shaped Bunk Bed

Viking Twin/Twin L-shaped Bunk Bed Options:

  • Queen Stretch (top)
  • Bookcase Headboard (top)
  • Storage Drawer Pkg. (Twin)
  • Stained
  • (dresser not included)

Twin-Double L-Shaped Bunk Bed

Twin/Double L-Shaped Bunk Bed Options:

  • Stained
  • (mattresses and bedding not included)
Product Item Dimensions Picked up / Delivered weight Picked up price
L-S Twin/Twin Bunk Bed 83 x 81 x 73 442 $999
L-S Twin/Twin Bunk Bed + L-S Storage Drawer Pkg 83 x 81 x 73 517 $1,199
L-S Qn Long Twin/Twin Bunk Bed 87 x 87 x 73 598 $1,099
L-S Qn LongTwin/Twin Bunk Bed + Twin Storage Drawer Pkg 87 x 87 x 73 673 $1,299
L-S Twin/Queen Bunk Bed 87 x 90 x 73 483 $1,259
L-S Twin/Queen Bunk Bed + Queen L-S Storage Drawer 87 x 90 x 73 640 $1,519
L-S King LengthTwin/Queen Bunk Bed + L-S Double Storage Drawer 93 x 93 x 73 626 $1,599
L-S Queen Length Double/Queen BB 87 x 90 x 73 509 $1,599
L-S King Length Queen/King Bunk Bed 93 x 90 x 73 565 $1,799