Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I get my products stained and/or varnished?

Since it was introduced, our normal finishing procedure is to apply one coat of a MinWax® Polyshades finish of your choice. This product includes the stain as well as a polyurethane protective coating. It gives you double protection with one application. (They do not have white in this product line).

2. Can I get a price and delivery quote before I purchase?

Our normal procedure is to send you an estimate via Quick Books for your perusal and feedback. This may happen multiple times until we achieve exactly what you are looking for. After this process is completed we will send you a completed invoice. If you need help in determining the right combinations, we will fix up several sample invoices for your inspection. All we need is a current e-mail address from you, and you will need to insert the e-mail name that you originally contacted us with into your address book so your spam filters will let us in.

3. How long will it take to get my products?

If you are picking up your products from our shop, we normally have them available within 4 weeks of the receipt of your deposit. If Way Out Bunk Beds is delivering your products, the time of delivery will be set by all orders on that trip. All of these options are subject to change due to seasonal demands and/or quantity order demands.

4. Why is delivery so expensive?

Way Out Bunk Beds has been delivering beds for over 18 years. To this point we only charge an estimate of the actual costs of bringing your products to you. We are confident of our charges which always average plus or minus $50.00. You only pay what is on the invoice. Our normal charges are fuel (the going price along the route to and from delivery), food ($50.00 for the two of us per day), and lodging $75.00 per night (nothing fancy but sufficient).

5. Why don’t your beds have ladders?

Government statistics indicate that 85% of all bunk bed accidents happen on or from the ladder. They vary from falling off a ladder, to stepping on a toy when using the ladder, or the ladder coming loose from the bed. When you use the vertical end of the bed, it requires the three-position fireman’s method. Either two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand are always on the bed. This is the safest method of vertical ascent and descent. This is the reason that if you must have a ladder, the only style we make are vertical and they are firmly attached to the bed.

6. Are your beds easy to assemble?

All of our beds are delivered partially assembled. The pieces include the bed ends, the bed and safety rails, the bunkie boards (if delivered or picked up), and the bag of hardware. All of the pieces are pre-drilled for easy bolt insertion. You will need a small diameter phillips screwdriver and a 3/8 drive ratchet. Each order is supplied with a 5mm hex socket for ease of assembly.

We recommend that you start by attaching the bottom bed rails to the bed ends. Next, add the top bed rails and then the safety rails. Sometimes it is advantageous to do the wall side of the bed first. Then, add the bed slats if there are any with your bed. Leave all of the bolts loose until the entire bed is assembled and then tighten them in sequence to insure all of them are tight. It is possible to over-tighten them, but it is not necessary to correctly assemble the bed. Should you strip out one of the holes, simply add the correct sized twig or tree stem shrinking the hole size, and insert the bolt and retighten. The next step is to add the bunkie board with the countersunk holes up and secure it to the bed slats with the screws provided (a power screwdriver or drill comes in handy here but is not required.) Please handle the bunkie boards from the ends and not the sides when putting them on the bed. The edges may be sharp. If installing screws by hand, wear gloves to avoid blisters.