Construction & Safety

All of our beds are made from hand selected SYP (southern yellow pine) lumber. This lumber is extremely strong (approved for trusses and structural applications), has good workability, shows beautiful grain structure, and accepts stains and finishes very nicely. It has the greatest density of the pines. The varieties of Southern Yellow Pine are some of the most actively cultivated and re-planted of our lumber trees. It is truly one of our best renewable resources. More information about Southern Yellow Pine reforestation and sustainability can be found by contacting the Southern Pine Council 504-443-4464.

The construction of our beds follows the procedures outlined below. This description gives you the sequence we follow to guarantee the finest quality possible.

  • Prepare Wood – power plane wood to thickness > cut to length > power plane edges > drill holes > rout edges.
  • Hand Sand – power sand to touch > sand ends, roundovers, and edges.
  • Stain – hand stain and wipe down each separate piece. Allow to dry overnight.
  • Partial Assembly – assemble bed ends > package bed rails and safety rails.
  • Drill Bunkie Boards – drill countersunk mounting holes for mattress protection.

All of our designs and beds comply with or exceed the Bunk Bed Safety Guidelines as outlined by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. You may inspect these guidelines by contacting the CPSC at–Manufacturing/Business-Education/Business-Guidance/Bunk-Beds. You are looking for parts 1213, 1500, and 1513 of Volume number 64 # 245.

The testing standards for the bunk bed industry can be viewed at The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) website. You are looking for ASTM F1427-13 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Bunk Beds.

We utilize the safety test tools as mandated by the CPSC to insure your beds are the safest possible.

Southern Yellow Pines

Southern Yellow Pines